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Because the market for new home buyers is often on the sluggish side, many homeowners decide to hold their residential property for rent instead of sale. Historically, when rental properties have been secured against a loan, the interest rates are higher – generally 100 to 400 points above what you’d get for houses that owners intend to live in. But with our long-term rental loans in Miami, we can offer you Miami Beach 30 year rental loans at a much lower interest rate!

You might think that with such a sluggish market, why even go for a rental loan at all? But guess what – with such incredibly low interest rates, Miami rental loans have never been cheaper. Buying a home cheap and fixing it up to sell for a profit can be done anytime – but can you guarantee that you will ever get interest rates this low on your mortgage? It’s tough to find the right loan financing product, and when you do find a suitable one, don’t give it up. This is your chance to follow your dreams and invest in a secure future for yourself so why wait?

Think about this: a low fixed interest rate for a long-term loan will allow you to earn more income when rental prices increase with time. This means paying less mortgage interest and securing a higher profit for yourself from your rental income. And when you do sell, you’ll be far better off than many others around you because rates like what we’re offering are probably a once-a-generation opportunity!

Your heirs will thank you one day for making the right decision at the right time.

We have a variety of investment rental loans for Miami people looking to buy at cheaper rates. Our advisors will help you choose from a suite of loan financing products that best meet your requirements and future goals. Instead of buying a home and fixing it up to sell for a profit when the market is not in your favor, it’s a much better idea to secure a long-term loan at a low interest rate and start generating rental income. We offer highly competitive loan products including bridge loans, renovation loans, and fix and flip.

So give us a call today – we care about your financial goals, and we’ll make them happen.

(561) 609-6699.

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