It’s not easy getting a loan for something as huge as property. We’re talking about thousands or millions of dollars and without the right credit score and tons of documentation, banks won’t even come near you with a ten-foot pole.

And that’s why we’re here to help! We understand that everyone has a right to privacy and everyone may not have the ideal credit score to satisfy a bank representative, so we’re offering no-doc loans for you! People who are self-employed and don’t have a regular stream of income or others who have the right credit score and income but don’t want their sensitive data revealed to a lending party, can now apply for a no-doc loan and make the process as simple and easy for themselves as possible.

Our no-doc long term loans for Boca Raton only need you to bring in your address and social security number and you’ll be eligible to qualify for a loan – it’s that simple! We also provide low-doc and other types of loans for buyers.

Depending on certain kinds of loans, certain documentation may be required on a case-to-case basis but on the whole, there’s far less hassle than asking a bank for a loan to finance your dream home.

What other types of loans are available at A to Z?

Apart from our super convenient no-doc loans, we also offer low-doc loans, stated income loans, NINA loans, no ratio loans, and bank statement loans. As a rule, the more documentation you provide, the lower your interest rate may be – but you don’t have to submit any docs if you don’t want to.

  • No-doc loans ask for no documentation.
  • Low-doc loans ask for minimal documentation.
  • Stated income loans ask for borrowers to state their income and provide proof of income for the past two years, usually.
  • NINA loans are usually for self-employed people who don’t want to disclose their income or assets.
  • No ratio loans are for those who don’t want to disclose income and provide a debt-to-income ratio to the lender.
  • Bank statement loans only ask borrowers to provide bank statements for the past 12 or 24 months in order to qualify.

How can I get a property loan for Boca Raton?

Our consultants are always available to guide clients looking to borrow in order to increase their real estate investments. You can easily build up a portfolio and increase your income – all you need to do is call A to Z today!

A to Z Capital is trusted

How can A to Z help you?

With a large library of rental loan products available for investors, our consultants can help you in choosing the best property for your needs and long-term financial health goals. All you need to provide is some documentation (or minimal documentation, depending on the type of financing you choose) and we’ll process the paperwork so that you can qualify for a mortgage loan fast.

So give us a call today and let’s work on building your rental empire!

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