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Hard money loans are short-term lending instruments which real estate investors can use to finance an investment project. These loan tools are often used for house flippers or real estate developers whose objective is to renovate or purchase a property, then sell it for a profit. Hard money loans are issued by private lenders rather than traditional financial institutions such as banks.

Unlike traditional bank loans, the ability to obtain hard money financing isn’t determined by the borrower’s credit worthiness. Instead, hard money lenders use the value of the property itself in determining whether to make the loan. We use appraised value to determine the value of the property. If a property needs renovation, we will use as-is and after-repair values.


The purpose of hard money lending loans is to allow a real estate investor to purchase or renovate an investment property as quickly as possible. No credit score or income doc is taken into consideration. As a result, these loans feature shorter repayment terms.

Low Rates, Quick Approval, And No Documents Required. 

These types of loans help you to keep your financial information to yourself without having to share it all with your lending institution. Since this type of mortgage loan allows you to bypass some of the paperwork that is typically associated with real estate loans, these loans typically result in higher interest rates and fees.

Despite its name, there are still some pieces of paperwork you will generally need to supply with this type of loan. For example, the lender may still require a credit report in order to determine your current credit score. In addition, the lender will want to get an appraisal of the home in order to make certain the amount of the loan is worth the value of the home. It is possible to obtain one of these loans without this paperwork as well, but it is generally much more expensive. 

A No-Doc/No Income-No Asset Verification Mortgage, otherwise referred to as a NINA, is completely private. In fact, all you really need is the address of the home you wish to purchase and your social security number. In order to qualify for one of these loans, which can be fairly expensive, you need to have a very high credit score.

No Ratio Mortgages are most commonly obtained by people that are going through a rough divorce or by those that are going through a career change because they do not require income verification. These mortgages also do not require revealing the amount of debt you are in. Since you don’t need to provide as much paperwork, you can move through the entire process much faster and get into your home sooner.

The Stated Income Mortgage option is generally utilized by people that are self-employed because they do not have to prove their income. Rather, they simply say how much they make and then demonstrate that by providing a profit and loss worksheet. Although this does require showing some paperwork, it makes it possible to claim a different income than what is shown on tax forms. If you are interested in obtaining a mortgage loan without having to show proof of income or debt, call A to Z Capital today at 561-609-6699

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